Amtec 316L Vertical Down Stainless

Amtec 316L Vertical Down Stainless Steel

Amtec 316L Vertical Down Stainless Steel electrode is a specially coated welding electrode with an extreme fast freeze flux coating that allows this electrode to be used in the Vertical Down position. It is ideal for poor fit up joints in all positions. The controlled weld puddle allows for filling holes on stainless steel.

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Amtec 279 Nicralloy

Amtec 279 Nicralloy Alloy Steel

Amtec 279 Nicralloy is a specially formulated electrode that has a wide range of applications due to its high temperature strength and toughness at subzero temperatures, and its excellent welding properties. This electrode is suitable for welding joints on nickel steels having sufficient toughness at subzero temperatures as for instance medium and high alloyed Ni-steels. Cold straining properties of the welding material is up to -196'C. The welding material has sufficient strength at elevated temperatures, up to 1900'F, and prevents carbon diffusion from ferritic to austenitic material.

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Amtec 277

Amtec 277 Alloy Steel

Amtec 277 is a special electrode with excellent wear resistance and strain hardening properties. The austenitic weld deposit is highly ductile and practically non-embritting, even in the 650'-750'C (1200'-1400'F) temperature range, with good crack resistance on parts that vary in analysis. Wear resistance is outstanding and almost equals that of common hard manganese steel. Amtec 277 has a deposit similar to the 207 CNMG, however it is not a jet type electrode, and has a fully alloyed core wire, that allow for out of position welding.

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Amtec 264 POP 1lb Pack

Amtec 264 High Alloy Steel

Amtec 264 is a versatile, easy to use, low heat maintenance welding alloy for joining and building up of most steels. It has a special ferritic - austenitic deposit, therefor the microstructure remains two phase and produces a highly crack resistant deposit. It has a good high temperature and corrosion resistance. The special flux formulation eliminates slag interference in horizontal fillets and allows for welding in all positions, and the low heat input ensures dense, spatter free deposits that are fully machinable.

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Amtec 222

Amtec 222 Low Alloy Steel

Amtec 222 is a specially developed, all position, low alloy steel electrode for fabrication and maintenance work. It produces smooth and spatter-free welds, with either AC or DC equipment and can be used as a contact electrode. Its easy slag removal guarantees a minimum of cleanup and finishing. Ideal for field repair work and out of position welding. Amtec 222 produces a deeper penetration when welded on DC Reverse, and a soft low penetrating weld when used on DC Straight. This is ideal when welding on thin sheet metal, where cleanup will be at a minimum.

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