Amtec Product-7

Amtec 63 Chromium Carbide HS

Amtec 63 is a high speed chromium carbide hardsurfacing alloy with 31% chrome content, and an alloyed core wire that has unmatched abrasive wear resistance on both heavy and light parts. The special metallic coating provides excellent welding performance, which permits obtaining a smooth surface. Despite high hardness, the deposit retains its toughness and wide weaving to 3 times the electrode size may be used without cracking. The deposit is machinable only by grinding. This electrode has tremendous edge control, and may be used on edges as thin a 1⁄2 inch without burn off. The high chromium content makesthe weld deposits maintain their resistance to wear even at elevated temperatures.

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Amtec 65 Hardfacing

Amtec 65 Chromium-Niobium Hardsurfacing

Amtec 65 is a unique combination of carbides in a homogeneous deposit that is used for extreme abrasion resistance. This electrode is a combination of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, niobium and tungsten with a high carbon content that allows it to form a tight carbide structure that offers the ultimate combination of abrasion resistance and high temperature hardness retention. Amtec 65 maintains its hardness up to 1600'F (860'C), and the electrode produces a deposit that leaves very little slag which means more deposit for the money. Has metal recovery of over 190%.

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Amtec Tube Tungsten Gas

Amtec Tubular Tungsten Hardsurfacing

Amtec Tube Tungsten is and extremely wear and abrasion resistant macrocrystalline tungsten carbide arc and gas rod. This product is designed for the ultimate wear resistance caused by abrasion, and has a uniform microstructure, meaning that the carbide particles do not sink in the weld metal, but stay uniform throughout the deposit from top to bottom. The gas rod is in a very hard alloy steel matrix tube that has excellent flow and a smooth, medium bead profile. The arc electrode has a dipped coating that leaves slag free deposits with unusually high wear resistance. Both the arc and gas rods have a 60% tungsten content, which gives the highest wear resistance available.

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Amtec 610 Hardfacing

Amtec 610 Chrome-Moly-Tungsten Hardsurfacing

Amtec 610 is a high chromium-tungsten-molybdenum iron based hardsurfacing electrode that is used for surfacing parts subject to high abrasion with moderate impact. Although the deposit has high hardness, it will still take moderate impact and will maintain its hardness up to a temperature of 1000°F. It is very easy to apply and has equally good welding properties for ease of application. Machinable by grinding only.

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