Amtec 606 Aluminum Bronze

Amtec 606 Aluminum Bronze TIG Wire

Amtec 606 is the most versatile welding alloy of the aluminum bronze alloys. It contains an additive to inhibit against inter-granular stress corrosion cracking. This alloy will weld and join many ferrous and non-ferrous metals and combinations of dissimilar metals. These include cast iron, high and low alloy steel, copper, bronzes and copper-nickel alloys. Excellent for build-up on
surfaces were long wear resistance is necessary, such as bearing surfaces.

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Amtec 604C Bronze

Amtec 604 Universal Bronze TIG Wire

Amtec 604 is an outstanding alloy that will join and build up on many types of parent metals. It does this without having to melt the base metals, which cause excessive heat and distortion. Deposits are dense and porosity free. This product is generally used with the TIG process, however, great results can be achieved with oxy-acetylene welding, with the use of a bronze brazing flux. Normally, preheating is not required.

Download the product information .pdf for more details.