Why Choose Us?


Everyone wants you to bring your business to their doors. Our goal is to keep you coming back to us for your welding needs.


The first thing you are looking for is quality products. Amtec brings in electrodes from the finest manufacturers around the world. Our careful selection process weeds out inferior products so you get the dependability and consistency you require.


Amtec has been in business since 1982, and in that time we've put together a team of solid technicians. With years of experience, our technical service team can provide the answers to any questions you might have. Our team keeps up with all the latest developments and changes in the industry. This helps us to help you stay on the cutting edge.

Who We Are


Amtec is the best choice for welding electrodes in the Southwest, Midwest and Gulf states regions. With Authorized Distributors in eight states, we can bring the product and customer service you require to get your jobs done. Use our helpful links to find a distributor near you, or order online for prompt shipping direct to you.


Amtec Welding Products, Inc. was established in 1982 by Murray Jones. Building on great products and supported by excellent customer service and technical support, Amtec will be the last source for welding supplies you'll ever need.