Amtec PRO 3055 Bond Coat Low Temperature Spray Powder

Amtec PRO 3055 is a special “inert gas atomized” nickel base powder having Chromium, Boron and Silicon elements added for hard wear resistance and also resistance to cavitation. It is a build-up powder to be used over the initial PRO 3000 Bond Coat. It can easily bond to the initial bond coat and designed for build-up where a hard surface is required or desired. The metallurgical structure of this powder makes it the best for hard overlays. It is excellent for build-up on cylindrical surfaces that are subject to abrasion. The particle size distribution in the powder is designed to eliminate excessive fuming during the spraying process. It is a prime powder for building up of worn areas that are subject to severe wear. Amtec PRO 3055 finishes by dry grinding using a tool-post grinder.

Download the product information .pdf for more details.