Amtec PRO 3028 Bond Coat Low Temperature Spray Powder

Amtec PRO 3028 is a special “inert gas atomized” aluminum bronze powder used as a build-up over the initial PRO 3000 Bond Coat. It can easily bond to the initial bond coat and designed for build-up where a bronze finish is required or desired. The metallurgical structure of this powder makes it the best for heavy build-up, virtually unlimited. PRO 3028 has excellent wear resistance, resists wear by fretting, and also makes an excellent coating for soft bearing surfaces. The particle size distribution in the powder is designed to eliminate excessive fuming during the spraying process. It is a prime powder for building up of extremely worn areas, and has excellent machinability and toughness. Amtec PRO 3028 is the most forgiving of the low temperature spray powders, and is also the most popular build-up powder. It finishes extremely well and can also be sprayed on metal to create an antique look for decorative purposes.

Download the product information .pdf for more details.