Amtec P 333 Spray & Fuse Powder

Amtec P 333 is a special, gas atomized, spherically shaped, nickel based, spray and fuse “puddle torch” powder containing Silicon and Boron elements for ductile, and easily machined surfaces for build-up and joining of cast iron. It has a particle size that enhances the bonding capabilities, and reduces over-spray. The metallurgical structure of this powder makes it the best for cladding and build-up on cast iron. Amtec P 333 machines easily and has excellent resistance to impact. The color match is excellent on most cast iron and steel. P 333 can be used as a build-up prior to putting on hard overlays. It has excellent strength and contains certain synergistic elements that make it self-wetting on cast iron and most other ferrous metals.

Download the product information .pdf for more details.