Amtec P 222 Spray & Fuse Powder

Amtec P 222 is a special, gas atomized, spherically shaped, nickel based, spray and fuse "puddle torch" powder containing Chromium, Silicon and Boron elements, blended with coarse tungsten particles for hardsurfacing on steel and other ferrous metals. It has a particle size that enhances bonding capabilities, and reduces over-spray. The metallurgical structure of this powder makes it excellent for abrasion resistance, even in the most severe conditions. P 222 contains a large percentage of coarse tungsten particles that create a gritty or gripping type surface. Thicker deposits tend to be smoother, while thin coatings will leave a gritty finish. It contains certain synergistic elements that make it self-wetting on steel, cast iron, stainless steel, nickel and nickel based alloys. Use P 222 when a very hard deposit is required. Finishing must be accomplished by grinding with water cooled silicon carbide or diamond wheels only.

Download the product information .pdf for more details.